Masonry Contractors – CUSTOM As Your First Choice in Chicago

Masonry contractors are really wanted in Chicago nowadays. Every brick wall needs regular check-ups to prevent any damage as well as all eventual repairs. In case it’s too late for prevention we need to decide on professional masonry repair Chicago. CUSTOM Masonry Contractors offer you the finest quality of masonry jobs. We are ready to provide you with a dependable job that results will last for years.

Our offer includes not only repairs, but also reliable tuckpointing and window caulking in Chicago. Our services are tailored to your needs – the confirmation of that is our company’s name. We realize that every homeowner struggles with other kinds of problems. We will listen to them and do our best to find proper solutions. Firstly we do thorough investigation that can reveal all malfunctions. We look for missing mortar places and refill it with new material. The mortar that we use is the highest quality, what’s our project, what’s the guarantee of our project’s longevity.

Masonry in Chicago is our passion. We’ll be pleased to work also for you. We respect your time and finish every job before the deadline.