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What is Tuckpointing?

In masonry, tuckpointing is the use of two contrasting colors of mortar in joining brickwork. One of the colors is similar to the bricks themselves to furnish an artificial look that very fine mortar joints are made. This procedure is most commonly used to maintain brick structures where the mortar is wearing away.

So before winter arrives, examine your home especially your chimneys and fireplaces, to make sure that the mortar is still in good condition. But if not, there are tuckpointing companies in Chicago that provide firm and attractive tuckpointing service at a very affordable price. Their tuckpointing contractors are skilled, fast to respond, and very reliable. They will guide you in making every decision essential for the project.


Why Do You Need Tuckpointing?

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While bricks, block, stone, and masonry units can last up to 100 years, mortar joints only have 20 to 30 years lifespan depending on kinds of weather it is exposed to. Weather conditions can make the mortar joints weak, causing moisture problems behind brick or stone wall. If you encounter this problem, a reliable tuckpointing company in Chicago can do it for you.

They provide a sturdy and relatively waterproof mortar joint that could extend the lifespan of a wall, fireplace, chimney, etc. What they deliver is highest quality tuckpointing that will help you avoid expensive repairs. Their tuckpointing contractors Winnetka have years of experience in the field, which allows them to meet your expectations while working with you hand in hand.