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Tuckpointing is definitely the area that requires skills and wide knowledge. This process is removing and replacing deteriorated and missing mortar in between brick, block stone, or other masonry surfaces. Thanks to that our brick walls are waterproof and prevent other harmful factors that could affect the wall structure. Moreover, the range of masonry jobs is quite wide and Extreme Tuckpointing in Chicago is ready to provide you with all of them. Our team focuses on the highest quality and finest customer care. Let us prove that we’re worth working for you! 

Our company has been in the market for a long time. Thanks to our experience, the customers don’t need to worry about anything connected with their masonry in Chicago. The masonry repairs and professional tuckpointing Chicago are not the only services that we offer, you can contact us also for window caulking and your chimney repair. We present the highest respect for your expectations, our experts listen to them and keep in mind for the entire job long. Our mission is to be up to date with all masonry techniques and work only with the finest mortar. You pay us for the job that needs to be done right – we’ll do our best to achieve amazing and long-lasting results.