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You can’t ignore the unique charm that a brick home has to offer. They tend to draw plenty of attention. Yes, they are beautiful, but there are other benefits to owning a home of masonry in Chicago that many people don’t even consider.

There is no denying the incredible durability that masonry contractors in Chicago leave you with when they construct a brick home. Bricks have been around for thousands of years, so it is certainly time-tested as a building material. Brick may be a little more costly than other building material options, but its longevity makes it well worth the investment.

On top of the lasting durability, brick masonry in Chicago offers better protection against severe weather and calamities. Leading that list is fire, as bricks provide an excellent fire-resistant exterior to a home. As brick is non-combustible, it can stand up to temperatures of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. By comparison, homes constructed with vinyl materials may only last for mere minutes under those same conditions.

As the most sustainable building material available by far, many homeowners prefer to have the eco-friendly brick masonry in Chicago over all other building materials, and that’s exactly why Prim Masonry Contractors is here.



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