Brickpoint Construction Provides Highest Quality Masonry & Tuckpointing Services

Brickpoint Construction has been bringing Chicago residents the best in masonry work for more than a decade! Our clients include residential and commercial property owners throughout Chicagoland. From repair, restoration, cleaning, and more, Brickpoint shows our clients how masonry should be treated. After all, brickwork is a classic Chicago architecture material. We know how to treat it right.

Our main services include:


We can perform both flush and concave tuckpointing. Both have several colors available. Tuckpointing Chicago involves the scraping away of old mortar and replacing it with new mortar. This can be a preventative repair or an aesthetic choice. The sandwiching of mortar colors can allow for finer joint lines, if so desired.


Our masonry contractors Chicago provide services like masonry cleaning and masonry restoration. We offer masonry cleaning in the forms of chemical cleaning and sandblasting (see below). Though masonry can last for decades, it is not uncommon for it to need restoration, especially for exterior structures with frequent exposure to the weather.


Our sandblasting services are a form of masonry cleaning. Sandblasting is much friendlier to bricks than chemical cleaning. With this form of cleaning, pressurized air is used to blast a finely graded abrasive material such as sand, quartz, or granite. It is an excellent choice for some brick types, but may harm others, We are happy to determine the best cleaning types for your bricks.


Our brickwork services are extensive. We perform chimney restoration, wall repairs, window lintel replacement, glass block installation, parapet walls restoration, and flagstone retaining wall restoration.

Caulking and Waterproofing

We can waterproof both brick and cement blocks. Our brick waterproofing is clear while our cement blocks can be waterproofed in a variety of color coatings. We are also experienced at applying caulking materials to windows and doorways.

Roof Repair and Coating

We can repair your roof. We also have roof coatings available in silver and black. Help keep your home safe and dry with a properly repaired roof that is coated to protect it from the elements.

Chimney Repair

Proper mortar repair when tuckpointing isn’t an option if it is not done from the inside out. If the mortar repair needs to be done because you need chimney repair Chicago, having it done by professional masons is the only way to know it is done right, and they can even match the mortar to the rest, giving it a seamless appearance.