All About Lintel Replacement Chicago, IL

Lintels above the openings of the wall support masonry, like windows and doors. It is usually made of steel angles, beams, channels, etc. Lintel replacement Chicago is needed when steel parts have corrosion. Due to the force and extremely heavyweight on the wall, corrosion has the possibility to expand and cause harm to masonry. It is because weight causes movements and cracking. Lintels have to be leveled and straight without large gaps. Among the reasons you need lintel replacement Chicago is the high level of rainfall, humidity, and cold winters harmful to lintels. So, schedule regular inspection of your lintel as well as lintel repair when necessary. You can avoid expensive lintel repair or lintel replacement Chicago when you fix small issues immediately.

Signs You Need Lintel Replacement Chicago

Cracks In Mortar- When cracks appear on the upper corners of the doors or windows of your home, you need to repair your lintels. 

Mortar Line Cracks- Displaced or cracked stone or bricks in your wall signify that you need a lintel replacement.

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