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What Are The Benefits Of Tuckpointing Winnetka, IL

Weather Proofing:

The first and most obvious reason to protect your brick or stone wall from water intrusion using Tuckpointing Winnetka is to prevent further deterioration. Open holes and settling cracks can turn into brick movement, which if left unaddressed will turn into total failure (i.e., sections or bricks falling from the wall).

Insulating Value:

The insulating value of mortar joints is not enough to dramatically reduce heating or cooling costs, but it can prevent unwanted growth, insects or pests from entering the structure. A 3/4-inch mortar joint is big enough for a maple tree to germinate, for an ant colony to make way and find a new home, or even small mice or birds.

The structural value added:

Tuckpointing Winnetka itself is not a structural service, but it does add some integrity to masonry walls and other structures. Furthermore, it will offer a preventative sort of maintenance that will stave off the kind of deterioration that leads to more serious damage.

The added Monetary value

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home will be more valuable than leaving it unattended. A brick structure that has undergone complete restoration will have significantly higher value compared to one that is in urgent need of repair. Although a full return on investment is not the norm, it is feasible. Enhancing curb appeal and offering a restored exterior without problems thanks to the Tuckpointing Winnetka are both major selling points in dealing with real estate values.



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