All About Lintel Replacement Chicago, IL

Lintels above the openings of the wall support masonry, like windows and doors. It is usually made of steel angles, beams, channels, etc. Lintel replacement Chicago is needed when steel parts have corrosion. Due to the force and extremely heavyweight on the wall, corrosion has the possibility to expand and cause harm to masonry. It

Masonry Arlington Heights, Il Explained

Masonry Arlington Heights is one of the best ways to add grandeur and beauty to any property. The process consists of building structures such as concrete blocks, stone, or bricks laid together using mortar. It is a popular technique around the world because of its many advantages. Voytec Masonry Arlington Heights has listed some of the

Masonry Contractors Chicago, IL

Count on WM Tuckpointing & Masonry in Chicago as the top provider of professional masonry restoration and tuckpointing services in all of Chicagoland. Our amazing masonry construction team is also prepared to help with window caulking, fireplace repair, brick repair, chimney flashing repair, and specialized services that enhance your building’s structural strength, water protection, and

Masonry Restoration Chicago | Voytec Masonry Contractors Chicago

Masonry structures can be found and are prevalent in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Materials and technologies used in masonry can add strength, durability, energy-efficiency, fire-resistance, sound-proofing, and thermal mass to a building. With these advantages, owners should also be aware of such damage and work with masonry contractors in Chicago to fix the problem.